LiteRamp™ Wheelchair / Scooter Ramps for Home and Auto

LiteRamp was first introduced in 2003. Our products are simple, economical, and practical tools for people in wheelchairs and scooters to access their homes and automobiles (van, SUV, truck, etc).

Unlike those cut-throat internet resellers, we can offer you a solid product, as well as real knowledge.

We use 3D modeling to design and simulate ramps (you can actually see a screen-shot here). All machining is done by CNC. We use mechanical fasteners instead of welding to eliminate human errors.

If this is your 1st time buying a wheelchair or scooter ramp, you can compare different wheelchair ramp options. We've also written a comprehensive portable wheelchair ramp selection guide.

1-piece LiteRamp

2' to 5' LiteRamp models are offered as single-fold, 1-piece suitcase style for vertical rise up to 10 inches.

2-piece LiteRamp

6' to 10' models split into 2 separate ramp pieces to reduce weight, then each piece folds like a suitcase. They are used on vertical rises from 12 inches to about 24 inches:

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